Habitat Trust

The Habitat Trust Philosophy

As adopted from a paper by G.L. Kesteven in 1968 entitled:

A Policy for Conservationists 1968 – Habitat Thinking


We inherit our habitat

Tomorrow’s habitat is determined today

It is our responsibility to manage change

Our habitat is a source of

  • Resources
  • Scientific information and
  • Refreshment and renewal

This process clearly encompasses the issues entailed in climate change – for our region, our nation and the quadrant of the earth within which we all live


The Habitat Trust is a not-for-profit foundation that has been researching and facilitating sustainable solutions for Melbourne for the past 25 years.

Located in Altona, with a focus on Melbourne’s growing Western suburbs, facilities and fosters generates projects and concepts that are relevant for all Australian cities. Habitat has always taken a holistic approach to sustainability, integrating community goals with economic and environmental aspirations.
The Trust is managed by an independent Board of industry and academic leaders and is backed by a number of generous supporters and sponsors.

The Habitat Trust made a submission to the Plan Melbourne review- the process that is developing a new strategic plan for Melbourne.  Read our full submission in the attached paper.


Habitat Trust Plan Melbourne Sub