Habitat: The Future

The Habitat Trust has had a great history, so all those who are or have been involved would like it to go on and continue to stimulate and achieve for both the West of Melbourne and Australia generally.

This discussion is asking for ideas about how Habitat should evolve to be continue to be relevant for the emerging 21st Century community. Clearly we can make effective use of social media and the internet, but to what end?

Ideas we are considering include:

Habitat as an endorsing body: we could endorse projects that meet our overall goals and guidelines – for example, in terms of a genuine commitment to integrated planning ; for outcomes that contribute across social, economic and environmental fields; and so on.

This may require us to develop our vision and goals into principles and guidelines, such as the example of “One Planet Living” that attempts to provide both a design tool and measure for the “triple bottom line” outcomes.
See www.OnePlanetLiving.com

The Integrated Freight Discussion